Monday 12 th January

Amazing work on squats and rows! Plenty of pb’s keep up the good work

Strength test
1 rm press
1 rm push press

15 min AMRAP
15 Kbs
15 Burpees


Friday 9th January

In teams of 3
A. 20 min AMRAP, power snatchx10, wall balls x15, Burpees x20 -2 team mates only
B. 20 min max distance row -always one team mate on the rower..
Change as and when you

Awesome day today team!! So many pb’s!!!! #togetherstronger


Wednesday 7th January

Front squat
Build to 3rm – 20 mins

3 rounds for quality (15 mins)
10 pull ups strict
10 ring dips strict
10 toes to bar strict
30 sec hand stand hold