Sunday 17th May


A1.Front Squat 5 sets of 10 reps – 2.5/5kg heavier than last week.

A2. Bent over row 5 sets of 10 reps

B. EMOM 12 –

1. Strict Pull ups 5-7 – try adding one rep extra rep to last week

2. OH Walking lunge 8 steps 10/20kg plate

Quwwa Barbell

Snatch drills 1×3
Snatch balance 5 x 2
Pause snatch 3 secs above knee 5 x 2 build to max double
Back squat 5 x 10 – each rep paused for 2 secs in bottom
barbell side bends 3×20 alecknas 3×15

Thursday 14th May


A. Hang Power Snatch – 5 sets of 3 reps – rest as needed in between sets build to heaviest set in 15 mins

B. For time – 400m run 50 kettlebell swings 200m run 50 kettlebell swings 400m run 50 kettlebell swings


Clean drills 1×3
Hang clean 6 sets to max single
Rack jerk 6-8 sets to max single
Front Squat 6 sets to max triple

Tuesday 12th May

Strict Press 5 sets of 10 reps – all 5 sets at same weight.

AMRAP 12 – 250 m row ,15 wall balls ,10 toes to bar
Quwwa Barbell

Snatch drills 1×3
Snatch roll under 3×5
Snatch balance 5 x 3
Snatch pull to Snatch 10 x 2+1
4 round finisher
barbell squat jumps x 10
plate rows x15
oh extension x 12-15
alecknas x10-12

As from next week Tuesday barbell will be at 8am.

Monday 11th May

A. Tempo Deadlift @ 30×3 5 sets of 6 reps

B. EMOM 15
1. Bar over Burpees x 8-10
2. Power Clean x 6 @ 80/40
3. Box Jump x 5-7 @ 24/20

Complete each set of exercise in each separate minute for 15 mins (5 sets of each)
Scale as needed


Sunday 10th May


A1.Front Squat 5 sets of 10 reps – 2.5-5kg heavier than last week
A2.Bent over Barbell row 5 sets of 10 reps
B. EMOM 12 –
1. Strict pull ups x 5-7
2. Strict ring dips x 7-10


Clean drills 1×3
Hang Clean + Jerk 5 sets of 2+2
Front Squat 5 x 3 – 5 sec pause in bottom
Good mornings 3 x10
Pendlay Row 3 sets 8-10 reps

Thursday 6th May

A1. Tempo Deadlift 5 sets of 5 @ 40×3
A2. Strict ring dips 5 sets of 5-10

B. 6 sets of 500 m row at RPE 8 (80% effort) rest 90 secs between sets – aim is to equal or better your time each round.

snatch drills 1×3
snatch roll under 3×5
snatch balance 3×5
hang snatch 5×2
Snatch grip deadlift 5×3
Front squat 5x 5

TZ Strength RPE – rate of perceived exertion – Guidelines

@ 6: Warm-up/cool down pace. Heart rate should climb, but you should be able to maintain this almost indefinitely.

@ 7: Heart rate is increased and muscular fatigue is noticeable after a moderate duration, but it should not be a limiting factor in performance.

@ 8: Muscular fatigue is substantial and heart rate significantly elevated. You should not be able to hold more than a brief conversation. You should feel uncomfortable but be able to control your output to stay in this zone. This is about the level of output most events, in competition and training, should be completed.

@ 9: Approaching redline. Going here is fine with known events. If you are unsure how you will respond to a particular event, going to this level presents an increased risk of crossing the threshold and being unable to recover for the duration of the event.

@ 10: Point of no return. Rarely, if ever, go here. In competition, it should be saved for the last event of the last day. Pushing to this level represents a very high stress to the body and can take substantial time (measured in days) to fully recover from.

Tuesday 5th May

Remember team our schedule has changed we now have barbell class Sunday and tuesday at 9am and 6 pm and Thursday at 5 pm.
Barbell is a strength and Olympic weightlifting programmed that can be stand alone or used to supplement crossfit.
Barbell is not designed to be done back to back with crossfit classes.

power clean 5 sets of 5 touch and go reps rest as needed between sets. build to heaviest set in 15 min.
5 rounds for max reps
30 secs work wall balls 3o secs rest.
30 secs toes to bar 30 secs rest

Quwwa Barbell
Clean drills 1×3
Clean roll under 3 x10
Split press 3 x 5
Clean + hang clean + jerk 1+1+1 6 sets build to max
super set x4
plate rows x20
plate over head extension x15
alecknas x 10



Monday 4th May


A. Push press 5 sets of 10 reps build to max

B. 5 rounds for time (10 min cap, scale as needed) – 5 x deadlifts 90/70 10 x bar over burpees

Sunday 3rd May

Movement prep
Foam roll – lats, calves
Barbell smash – hamstring, tricep

A. Front Squat 5 sets of 10 reps – 3-5 warm up sets then 5 sets to build to heaviest set
B1. SL Good mornings 3 x10/leg
B2. Ghd sit-ups 3 x 12-15

Quwwa Barbell
Snatch drills 1×3
Snatch curls 3×10
BTN Press in Squat 3 x5
Snatch from hips 5×2
Back squat 5 x 10

Friday 1st May


5 x 1 min stations

In teams complete as many reps as possible on each station

Exercises will be revealed later,

Good job on a pretty tough workout