Thursday 29th October

Strict press 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

Rep ranges of 5-3 are our loaded practice reps not rep maxes.

We are marking sure we have good position and can maximise power from the shoulder to overhead.

the maximum we can lift for a single rep -1 rep max is what we are after today.


5000m row for time

wednesday 28th October

Skill practice

kip drills –

scapular retractions

kip swings and timing for toes to bar and pull up



in 15 mins get as far up the ladder as possible

200m run

2 pull up

2 push-up

200m run

4 pull up

4 push up

200m run

6 pull up

6 push up


and so on.



Wedensday 21st October

Front Squat – compare to 6th september


3 rounds not for time
50 m alt kb front rack overhead carry- left arm racked right up overhead, then left arm overhead right arm racked.
10-15 good mornings


Monday 19th October

Some vey good bear complex going down yesterday alway good to lift heavy!!


With a running clock

A. for time 0-15 (15 min cap)
400m run
21 deadlifts 100/70
21 toes to bar
400m run
15 deadlifts 120/80
15 toes to bar
400m run
9 deadlifts 140/100

Note how far you got and scale if not complete in 15 mins and move on to wall balls
@ min 15
Emom 10
12-15 wall balls