Exercising Vs Training

Do you think that you have to be out of breathe dying on the floor drenched in sweat every time you go to the gym?
If you’ve answered yes, then well done you’re an exerciser!!! And whilst there is nothing wrong with that, there is everything wrong with it if you want to see progress.

A good training program should include both strength and conditioning; so if you’re running your 5km or hitting your circuit classes and each session feels relatively similar and you reward yourself because you feel it was a “Hard” workout then you may not be getting the results you want.

This is a reasonable way to stay in shape and to make yourself feel better, other that that it is extremely limited.

This routine gets very comfortable (to your body – if not by perception) very quickly and holds you back from reaching your true potential.
With limited progress, personal growth becomes near impossible, Its usually in this realization that you become convinced that you need “the new fitness buzz” or Quit altogether. Even trying out new classes or gyms, you never really find the right fit and 6 months later you’re back to square one – looking for that magic formula again.

What’s the difference between training and exercising?
Exercising is just one piece of a much larger puzzle, and for exercise to become training and truly have an impact on your life it needs to be programmed thoughtfully. Your program must address your weaknesses whilst allowing you to enjoy your strengths, it must be purposeful and goal oriented. Ever wonder why we have certain elements on certain days? or why we have patterns to the program? It is because we utilise a training methodology to our group program, not just random workouts in a flawed attempt to make people fitter.

Training is a catalyst for personal growth, it’s a lifelong commitment, not just a new year’s resolution.

You need a Coach who can assess your movement and teach you to move better. Do you like the group training? great – we keep our classes small so that you get coached every step of the way! However, you may want to supplement that with regular one to one training, so that you can measure progress on a personal level. Not seeing the progress you want on the scales or in the mirror even though you push yourself in your training? You need someone that will guide you to the body you want with better nutrition. You need some one to hold you accountable, who understands your goals, when to push and when to back off. You need a coach that understands not every training session is about making you want to puke. A coach that can guide you to where you want to be with out putting more pressure or adding more stress to your life. If you really want to make progress then find yourself a coach, and make the commitment to yourself. And once you do, you won’t be just exercising anymore.

You’ll be training!.

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