Tuesday 4th AUGUST

Don’t forget Quwwa Barbell is back this week!


Chest to bar pull ups
Ghd sit ups

Scale to
Inverted box push up/ push press
Pull ups – banded
Abmat sit ups

Thursday 30th July

A. Push up parade!
B. 4 set of 5 mins work – in 5 mins complete 750m row Amrap push ups – rest 2 mins
C. Split stance good mornings 3 sets of 10 (light to moderate load)


Wednesday 29th July

A. Strict pull ups 5 sets of 5+

B. For total reps

1 min knees to elbow
1 min STOH 60/30
2 min knees to elbow
2 min STOH
3 min knees to elbow
3 mins STOH


Tuesday 27th July

With a running clock

100 double unders
50 wall balls
Amrap burpees

100 double unders
30 wall balls
Amrap Kettlebell swings

100 double unders
20 burpees
Amrap wall balls


Monday 27th July

Great job on today’s clean and jerk Team! Some really nice tekkers and some blinding PB’s

Keep up the good work! Strength endurance work tomorrow with a little core work

A. Back Squat – 15 mins to est a 20 Rm – yup that’s right 20 reps unbroken!

B. EMOM 12
1. Ghd sit ups – 12-15
2. 30 Sec Handstand hold


Sunday 26th july

A. 15 mins to est a 1 rm Clean and Jerk for today.

B. EMOM 16 –
1. 2 x Power Clean and Push Jerk @ 70% above.
2. 8-10 Box Jumps