Monday 17th August

Front Squat – 5-5-5-5-5
all working sets.
each rep should be paused 2 secs at the bottom position.

3 rounds NOT for time
15 hip extensions/good mornings
3 wall walks

Monday 15th June

A. Strict pull ups – 5 sets of 5-7 add weight if needed.

B. For time – 150 wall balls – every time you break 200m run with ball – 20 min cap

A break will be considered and not limited too – anytime the ball touches the floor, anytime you have to stop with consecutive reps, having to pause between reps for an extended period of time.



Sunday 24th May


A. Back Squat – 15 mins to establish an 8 rep Max
B. Emom 14 –
1. Strict pull up x 5-10
2. 8-10 box jump

Quwwa Barbell
Clean Drills 1×3
Clean pull from Hip 5 x 10
Clean from mid shin plus split jerk 7×1+1
Back squat 5x 8
strict pull ups 5×5-10

Sunday 26th April

Heavy day – Squat day

Movement prep
knee to chest
half kneeling hip flexor
single leg tactical frog
single leg lowering
side lying clam
kneeling glute ham raises
supine banded psoas march

A. Tempo Back squat 7×3 at 32×3

B1. Kb walking lunge 3×10
B2. Strict pull ups 3 x 5-7+

Sunday 12th April

Movement prep
Meathead Mobility
single leg knee to chest 8/leg
lunge stretch 5×5 sec per leg
single leg tactical frog 8/leg
banded leg lowering 8/leg
Couch stretch – 1 min each side.

glute bridge 10
side lying clam 10/side
banded marching 10xforward/back/left/right/high knees

A. Back squat 5×5 at tempo 42×2
B1. Pendlay row 3×10 – heaviest possible
B2. Kb Bulgarian split squat 3×10

Sunday 5th April

This week and some of next week sees us running some tests to use as data points for our next cycle, more details of that will be posted by the end of the week.

This week will be low volume high intensity, expect to see lots of movement prep and mobility in order to best prepare. As always we will start with the king of movements the back squat!

Movement prep/warm up
rockback breathing 8 breathes
single leg knee to chest 8/leg
lunge stretch 6×5 sec per leg
single leg tactical frog 8/leg
banded leg lowering 8/leg
glute bridge 8
side lying clam 8/side
banded marching 10xforward/back/left/right/high knees x2 rds

20 mins to establish a 2 rm back squat

Thursday 2nd April

Movement prep
Hip mobility/breathing drills
Half kneeling pallof press – see link

In pairs
A1. Kb FR walking lunge steps 3sets of 10/leg
A2. BB single leg Romanian deadlift 3 sets of 10/leg

B. EMOM 12
Odds – 6 x power clean 70/35
evens – 6 x front squat 70/35
scale as needed use same weight for both