Wednesday 29th July

A. Strict pull ups 5 sets of 5+

B. For total reps

1 min knees to elbow
1 min STOH 60/30
2 min knees to elbow
2 min STOH
3 min knees to elbow
3 mins STOH


Tuesday 30th June

A. 15 mins to est a 1 rm Clean and jerk
B. AMRAP 4 – Clean and Jerks at 80% of A. – rest 1 min
C. AMRAP 3 – Power Clean and Jerks at 70% of A – rest 1 min
D. AMRAP 2 – Hang Cleans at 50% of A.



Monday 8th June

test week continues and after a strong PB day I’m stoked to see what the rest of the week brings!! Well done team

Remeber test week brings lower volume but the intensity should still be high!

A. Strict press 1rm

B. AMRAP 15 –
15 Kettlebell swings
15 burpees

Tuesday 19th May

Reminder that Quwwa barbell will run at 8 am tomorrow morning


Push press 5 sets of 8 reps – after warm up build to max in 5 sets

4 sets of 750 m row @ 80-85% rest 90 secs between sets- aim is to achieve the same or better per set
Quwwa Barbell

Clean drills 1×3
clean from hips 6×2
Push press 5 x 10 reps
Front squat 5 x 5 reps 50-60% 1rm – speed work
4 rounds
Barbell bent over row x 20
Barbell Squat jumps x15 image



Tuesday 28th April

Movement prep
2 mins passive hanging
Barbell smash – tricep
Banded ankle mobs
Banded straight arm pull down for lat activation.
Ghd glute ham raises for….well as it says glute ham activation 😉
Warm up
Clean and jerk drills

Clean and Jerk
15 mins to est a 1rm squat clean and split jerk

in pairs complete as many rounds as possible in 10 mins – alternating each exercise
10 push press 50/30kg
10 box jump 24/20
10 kettlebell swing 32/24kg