Monday 4th May


A. Push press 5 sets of 10 reps build to max

B. 5 rounds for time (10 min cap, scale as needed) – 5 x deadlifts 90/70 10 x bar over burpees

Sunday 12th April

Movement prep
Meathead Mobility
single leg knee to chest 8/leg
lunge stretch 5×5 sec per leg
single leg tactical frog 8/leg
banded leg lowering 8/leg
Couch stretch – 1 min each side.

glute bridge 10
side lying clam 10/side
banded marching 10xforward/back/left/right/high knees

A. Back squat 5×5 at tempo 42×2
B1. Pendlay row 3×10 – heaviest possible
B2. Kb Bulgarian split squat 3×10

Wednesday 25th March

BulletProof shoulders
2 rounds
t-w-y 10/10/10
scap push ups x20
banded internal/external rotations 10/10
kettlebell arm bar to turkish sit up x 5/5

tabbata hollow/arch hold (alt)

tabbata side plank (alt)

focus – handstand

box push up hold to handstand hold – feet on box hold push up position for 10 secs walk hands in and hold hand stand position for 10 secs( stack wrists/shoulders and hips as much as possible)
repeat 3 times before coming off the box for 1 set. 5 sets total

wall walk to 10 sec hold – repeat 3 times for 1 set x 5 sets