The Open is over now what? 

After 5 weeks of not knowing, nervously guessing each workout with Dave Castros Instagram clues, we may have now reached another point of not knowing!

This one has (or should have) a deeper meaning to to us all.

Ask yourself, What does fitness mean to you?

Now I’m not asking for you to define fitness, I’m asking you why do you workout? What is the end state?

The Why comes in many different forms Health reasons, specific competition, beach season, wedding season all these things influence our reason behind our desire.

Your WHY is powerful and MUST be defined! Otherwise we are just sinking in an endless sea of workouts with no shore in sight.

Ask yourself

Why am I Training?

What do I want out of my training?

What is the Target/Goal?

So what’s next and how do we move forward from the open set goals and start training properly?

The first thing we need to do is reflect on and evaluate our performance through the open

Are you happy with your performance?

What did you do well?

What could have gone better?

What limiters did you have in each workout?

Did you plan for each workout or just go?

Be specific and as detailed as possible. The more information we have the better plan we can put together.

Once you’ve answered these questions its time to prioritise based on what you want from your training.

For example, if your goal is to Run 10 km race competitively in 6 months and you can’t run 400m with out gassing out, then the plan shouldn’t have to much strength work but plenty of conditioning. Same goes if your plan is to compete in a body building contest and you currently run marathons, and have 30% body fat!!!

We then use this evaluation to set us in the right direction for our chosen target.

To begin your new year of training follow these steps

  1. Evaluate
  2. Set your Target/Goal
  3. Prioritise
  4. Plan

Number 1 and 2 is up to you, leave number 3 and 4 to us!!


Individual program design (IPD)

A tailored program designed by us, exclusively for your wants and needs. Working directly with one of our coaches, you’ll develop strength, skill and conditioning either as a Crossfit athlete or for your specific target/sport.


We have two tiers for Individual Program design.

Skills sessions – 30 min sessions designed by your coach that will run along side the group classes to help you reach your desired outcome.

Sport Specific – Full monthly programme delivered weekly, Designed specifically with your Goal in mind and completely structured around you.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you Reach your individual goals.

Team Quwwa

Next up….

How to set actionalbe Targets

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