Thursday 6th May

A1. Tempo Deadlift 5 sets of 5 @ 40×3
A2. Strict ring dips 5 sets of 5-10

B. 6 sets of 500 m row at RPE 8 (80% effort) rest 90 secs between sets – aim is to equal or better your time each round.

snatch drills 1×3
snatch roll under 3×5
snatch balance 3×5
hang snatch 5×2
Snatch grip deadlift 5×3
Front squat 5x 5

TZ Strength RPE – rate of perceived exertion – Guidelines

@ 6: Warm-up/cool down pace. Heart rate should climb, but you should be able to maintain this almost indefinitely.

@ 7: Heart rate is increased and muscular fatigue is noticeable after a moderate duration, but it should not be a limiting factor in performance.

@ 8: Muscular fatigue is substantial and heart rate significantly elevated. You should not be able to hold more than a brief conversation. You should feel uncomfortable but be able to control your output to stay in this zone. This is about the level of output most events, in competition and training, should be completed.

@ 9: Approaching redline. Going here is fine with known events. If you are unsure how you will respond to a particular event, going to this level presents an increased risk of crossing the threshold and being unable to recover for the duration of the event.

@ 10: Point of no return. Rarely, if ever, go here. In competition, it should be saved for the last event of the last day. Pushing to this level represents a very high stress to the body and can take substantial time (measured in days) to fully recover from.

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