Tuesday 2nd June

Great work on the row today team.

Important news!

Wednesday’s are now back to workouts

Thursday 11th June we will be hosting an evening BBQ – everyone is encouraged to make it for one last gathering before the summer holidays and people dissapear for several weeks! 5pm onwards, bring food,drink and friends.

Next week we will see an drop in training volume to run some interim testing to see how far you’ve come so far this year. From the way people have been training I’m expecting big things.

Movement prep
Knee to chest x8
Half kneeling hip flexor 3×10 sec
Single leg tactical frog x8
Single banded lowering x8

Single leg Kettlebell deadlift x5 at 4242
Ghd Hip extension x10
Plate row x 20

4 Rounds – increasing load each rep range and set to max for each rep range. Rest as needed
1 x15
1 x5

Example 80kgx15 100kgx10 120kgx5 90kgx15 110kgx10 130kgx5 and so on.

Quwwa Barbell

Clean and jerk drills 1×3
Clean pull+Clean+push press 6×1+1+1
Clean Grip Deficit deadlift 5×3 – standing on 20kg plate
Front Squat 5×5 – moderate load, fast smooth reps

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